REVIEW: Tmart Cosmetic Makeup Brush

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Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to do a beauty product review. It’s my first time to do this so please bear with me.


Tmart sells inexpensive and affordable products online. Recently, Tmart sponsored one of their products. It was a 12pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set with Bag Purple. It has no brand name. Check their site for more Tmart Makeup Brushes


Product: 12pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set with Bag Purple

Provider: Tmart

Price: 407.64 PhP or 8.88 USD with free shipping

12pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set with Bag Purple


  • The makeup brush set is easy to carry and use

  • With superior-quality, the makeup brushes in the set will not irritate your skin

  • Durable unique packaging can well protect your makeup brushes

  • It is an important beauty essential for you

  • Handle made of plastic and aluminum

  • It is suitable for each wise customer

  • This cosmetic brush is individually handmade


3 Pcs Powder Brush -  Length: approach 8.07”-8.66” / 20.5-22cm; Hair Length: approach 1.57”-1.77“ / 4-4.5cm; Hair Width: approach  1.18”-1.77 / 3-4.5cm

2 Pcs Eyeshadow Brush - Length: approach 6.89“-7.68” / 17.5-19.5cm; Hair Length: approach 0.39”-0.59” / 1-1.5cm; Hair Width: approach 0.2”-0.43” /  0.5-1.1cm

1 Pcs Fan  Brush - Length:approach 6.97” / 17.7cm; Hair Length:approach 035” / 0.9cm; Hair Width:approach 0.16” / 0.4cm

1 Pcs  Lip  Brush - Length: approach 689”/ 17.5cm; Hair Length:approach 0.39” / 1cm; Hair Width:approach 0.08” / 0.1-0.8cm

1 Pcs Eyeliner Brush - Length: approach 689”/ 17.5cm; Hair Length:approach 0.39” / 1cm; Hair Width:approach 0.08” / 0.1-0.8cm

1 Pcs Eyelash Brush - Length: 7.60” / 19.3cm

1 Pcs  Eyebrow Comb  Brush - Length: 7.68” / 19.5cm; Hair Length: 0.98in/ 2.5cm; Hair Width: 0.43in/ 1.1cm

1 Pcs Eyeshadow Smudge Brush - Length: 7.09” / 18cm; Hair Length: 0.43” / 1.1cm; Hair Width:0.39 / 1cm

1 Pcs  Oblique Eyebrow   Brush - Length: approach  6.97 17.7; Hair Length:approach  0.39” / 1m; Hair Width:approach  0.16” /  0.5m

Material - Wood (Handle),Nylon , PU Leather (Bag)

Weight - 17.48oz / 212g

Size -22.5 x 10 x 3.1cm / 8.86” x 3.94” x 1.22”(L x W x H)

Package Includes

  • 3 x Powder Brush

  • 2 x Eyeshadow Brush

  • 1 x Eyeshadow Smudge Brush

  • 1 x Fan Brush

  • 1 x Eyebrow Comb Brush

  • 1 x Eyelash Brush

  • 1 x Eyeliner Brush

  • 1 x Oblique Eyebrow Brush

  • 1 x Lip Brush


The product arrived more than 10 days after it was shipped, but I received the product more or less 2 weeks after it arrived. The delay was partly caused by the post office’s failure to locate our address.


The product was safely shipped. It was in great condition since it was bubble wrapped.


The brushes come with a special bag with a knot that secures the brushes from falling out of its place. The bag was bright purple and girly, but it was appealing to the eyes.


What I really like the most are the brushes, especially the powder brushes. They’re really soft and smooth on the skin!


The brushes don’t fall out easily from its handle when I try to softly pull them out like the other brushes I used before.

Here are some individual photos I took:














The brush set is inexpensive and affordable. I highly recommend purchasing this product to anyone who wants a great addition to their make-up collection. It is really durable and long lasting. Definitely worth buying!


Easy to use
Very Durable
Stylish Design
High Quality


I think it would be better if it comes in different kinds/styles of brushes than to have the same type of brushes but with differing sizes.


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