Something White

4:14 PM

It’s new year and here’s a new blog post for the new year. Found a new spot to shoot for my OOTD’s. What do you think? Isn’t it nice? Read more for more photos

I want to share my super duper late posts since I got to a new place and met new people. There’s so many backlogs I haven’t had shared with you and I really miss blogging and miss my readers too!

Since I’m in a new place, I’m looking forward to find a new job that caters my talent and hobbies. Hopefully I will find a job that I really love about. Though I enjoy my old job as a design associate but the contract ended and I want a job where I can grow and meet new people. 

Hoping this year will be my year! *fingerscrossed!* 
What do you expect this new year? Share them below :) 

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