Camotes Island

9:12 PM

Look how time flies and its now the month of May! We're half through the year can't you believe it? Anyway, I just want to share to everyone my experience and some photos of Camotes Island! 

Last month, our company went to the Camotes Island for summer team building and to unwind outside the four corners of our cold and isolated office. 

It was a quite long few hours to get here, though its tiring of all the waiting around, the view was worth it! As you can see this beautiful beach, Santiago White Beach, is a must experience when you visit the queen city of the south, Cebu City.

If you're tire from the sea salt water, you can visit the nearby resort, Santiago Bay Garden & Resort. There are cottages her if you want to stay overnight or couple of days. We didn't stay at the resort, we stayed one of my officemates house. 

Since we didn't stay at the resort, we have to pay 100 pesos to be able get inside and swim at their pool. It was a sight to see indeed. Overlooking the beach and the corner of the island. How I wish I could stay here longer. 

This was a great experience since this was my first time to visit the island since I wanted to visit for so long. I'm surely to go back here!

With the talented photographer who took my photos.

Lastly, with the few of my office mates.

How was your summer so far? Share them below. 

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