Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark

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Hey guys! How are you doing? Its been so long since I posted anything. Its 2017! I was suppose to write last month but unfortunately, a lot has happened. So many unexpected happenings but thank God, all those incidents are behind me now. I came out stronger and better person. 😁

Anyways, enough being emotional, I just want to share to you my experience and of course how to relax myself from all the stress I've been experiencing.

 I visited Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark last Chinese New year with my family. Since they're visiting me and my sister over the weekend, We decided to go to this resort. 

We just went there for day tour, since its peak season, the rooms are bit pricey for our budget. But nonetheless, we enjoyed our stay even for awhile.  

It was our first time to visit this resort, and it was fascinating! Especially the pools! The pools are colorful and fun, perfect for kids to play with and also kids at heart like me. 😉 There are also pools for adults. A total of 5 swimming pools. Other than that,  there are water slides for kids and adults to enjoy. Its for the whole family! 

My favorite part when I rode the life buoy on the Amazon River. It will tour you around the big kiddie pool. Using the life buoy, you can swim freely without paddling your feet, just be careful the water splash that will you, as you can see on the photo. But its really fun!

If you're tired of swimming, the resort also have other activity to enjoy. There's a mini golf, giant chess and other activities you would enjoy with your family and friends.

*Trivia: Miss Universe 2016 Swimsuit competition was held at Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark. The said event was supposed to be outdoor at the Abalone Garden but due to heavy rain it was transferred indoors

Before taking the dip, me and my sister got a chance to do a pictorial beside the beach after we had a lunch buffet. Excuse my tummy with no abs, I'm really full! LOL

For more photos and information about the resort, just click here.
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