Fashion Styling Project: OOTD

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Hey there! It has been a long, long time since I posted anything on my blog, did you miss me? I missed you dear reader! I miss blogging too!

Recently, I just graduated from a short course, a Certificate in Fashion Styling in SoFA Design Institute! YEY! I really want to pursue a career in fashion that's why I moved to the big city, Manila, from CEBU City! It took some guts and risks to move once again from one city to another and to build new career and meet new people, who are now called my friends. Its very frightening and exciting at the same time, since I only know few people in the new city at first. I really learned a lot and had no idea it was a tough job working in the fashion industry, but nevertheless, I want to pursue my passion!

I just want to share to you some projects I made during one of my class, fashion styling class under Ms. Bea Constantino, who taught me a lot that I never knew about styling and made me see things differently when it comes to fashion and also from Zamboanga City!

Here are the first few assignments: OOTD! We were given an assignment to do an outfit of the day with a few themes to do! It was easy and fun for me to do, since I love doing ootd's in the past.

Romantic Look; 
I opted for floral dress cutout dress perfect for date nights and more feminine look paired with neutral bag and heels.

Urban Street wear;
A casual gray dress paired with brown knee high boots for more casual look in the city.

London Underground;
An all black ensemble for a Gothic look.

What do you think of my looks? Which one is your favorite? Share your insights below on the comment section!

More to come from my styling projects.

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Fashion Styling Project: OOTD